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Reminder Strategies

Change can be hard, so it helps to have concrete reminders of why and how you've decided to do it. Some standard options include carrying a change plan in your wallet or posting sticky notes at home. If you have a computer, smartphone, or other mobile device, consider these ideas:

  • Fill out a change plan, email it to your personal (non-work) account, store it in a private online folder, and review it weekly.
  • Store your goals, reasons, or strategies as notes in your smartphone or other mobile device so you can retrieve them when an urge hits.
  • Set up automated phone, smart device, or electronic calendar alerts that deliver reminders at a time of your choosing, such as a few hours before you usually go out.
  • Create passwords that are motivating phrases in code, such as 1Day@aTime or 1stThings1st! The act of typing in your password each time you log in reinforces the motivational message.
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