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Privacy statement

The Rethinking Drinking Web site does not collect, store, or share any information that would allow visitors to be personally identified, including any email addresses or data entered in the site's interactive features.

To make Rethinking Drinking more helpful and accessible to visitors, we temporarily store the anonymous "log data" that is automatically collected by all Web sites. Log data include things like page views, average time on the site, and temporary Internet Protocol (IP) addresses used by the server to process requests and send information to display in browser windows. The data can be viewed only as a pool of statistics and do not include any information that is personally identifiable.

When visitors submit questions through the Q&A page, no information is obtained that allows them to be identified. If visitors choose to "Send us an email" using the link on the home page, their personal email programs will launch to send the query. We store the questions and the email addresses so that we can respond to the messages. Unless otherwise required by statute, we do not publicly identify who sends email questions or comments to our Web site.

Questions about NIH privacy policies should be sent to the NIAAA Privacy Act Officer through the NIAAA Webmaster.

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