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Thinking About a Change?

The decision to change your drinking is up to you. Mixed feelings are normal. It can help to weigh your pros and cons using our interactive worksheet. Don't wait to "hit bottom," as changing sooner rather than later is always better. Once you're ready to cut down or quit, you'll find many helpful suggestions in the links below.

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It's Up to You

Pros & Cons

What are your reasons for and against making a change?

Ready ... or Not?

See what to do if you're not quite ready to change your drinking.

To Cut Down or to Quit ...

Consider which is best for you.

Planning for Change

A "change plan" helps you solidify your goal and how you'll reach it.

A hand holding a glass of beer and another hand held up in the stop position

Strategies for Cutting Down

Tips to Try

Small changes can make a big difference.

Reminder Strategies

Reinforce your decision with reminders.

A woman sits defensively while receiving support from another woman

Support for Quitting

Support Strategies for Quitting

Recognize risky situations, avoid them if possible, and cope if you can't avoid them.

Peer Support

Get help from mutual-support groups.

Professional Support

Options now include medications your regular healthcare professional can prescribe as well as counseling and intensive specialty programs.

Social Support

Get help from family and friends.

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