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How Much is Too Much?

It’s important to be aware of how much you are drinking and the harm that drinking can cause.

Several glasses of varying sizes with differing quantities and types of alcohol

What Counts as a Drink?

What's a “Standard Drink”?

Find out how your drink measures up.

How Many Drinks are in Common Containers?

Labels may not tell, but this chart will.

A man pondering

What's your Pattern?

What are the U.S. Guidelines for Drinking?

Learn about current drinking guidelines and possible risks of alcohol-related problems.

Why do Women Face Higher Risks for Alcohol-Related Consequences?

Learn why women have different drinking guidelines than men.

A nonchalant woman

What's the Harm?

What is Alcohol Misuse?

Alcohol misuse includes binge drinking and heavy drinking.

What are the Harms?

There are a wide range of short- and long-term consequences associated with alcohol misuse.

What are the Symptoms of Alcohol use Disorder?

It helps to know the signs so you can make a change early.

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