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About Rethinking Drinking

The Rethinking Drinking website was produced by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), a part of the National Institutes of Health. The mission of the NIAAA is to generate and disseminate fundamental knowledge about the effects of alcohol on health and well-being, and apply that knowledge to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of alcohol-related problems, including alcohol use disorder, across the lifespan. The content of Rethinking Drinking draws largely from the results of major NIAAA population studies and clinical trials.

Rethinking Drinking is designed for U.S. adults who drink alcohol. Rethinking Drinking provides evidence-based information  about alcohol and health along with tips, tools, and resources for those who want to cut down on or quit drinking.

Rethinking Drinking has been developed for the public in conjunction with resources on how to find alcohol treatment, such as the NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator® website and the booklet, Treatment for Alcohol Problems: Finding and Getting Help.

NIAAA sponsors research in grantee institutions throughout the United States and conducts studies in its own laboratories. Scientists explore the full range of alcohol's effects, starting at the sub-cellular level and expanding through organ systems, individuals across the life span, communities, and the population at large. Visit the news section of the NIAAA website for a sampling of NIAAA-supported research advances, as well as NIAAA Spectrum, NIAAA’s webzine, for feature articles and news updates about NIAAA and the alcohol research field.

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